Genetics: It’s Time You Know…

Genetics - It’s Time You Know - Enhance Nutrition

Genetics: It’s Time You Know…

Your gene story is your unique blueprint for living longer and healthier. Your blueprint tells you:

  • Why you keep getting sick
  • The most effective way to lose weight
  • The types of physical activities best for you
  • Your affinity to insulin resistance
  • How to optimize your brain and vascular health
  • How well you eliminate toxins

Our bodies are complex entities comprised of intricate systems. We constantly make decisions that impact our systems, our genes and our overall health either to our benefit or detriment. Research suggests that our unique genetic makeup influences the outcome of our health through diet, lifestyle and environment.

Without the genetic pieces to our health puzzle, our food choices are based on a one size fits all model. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a sharp increase in people who suffer from complex chronic diseases, from diabetes and heart disease to autoimmune disorders. The traditional medical approach to addressing these conditions fails to take into account our individual genetic makeup.

I use the 3X4 Genetics DNA testing tool because it uses advanced scientific and clinical data to explain the most important lifestyle interventions to assist my clients in making personalized lifestyle choices. When I received my test results, I better understood the importance of eating lots of antioxidants and cruciferous vegetables to prevent chronic disease as a result of my body’s slowed response to detoxing.

Understanding our genetic profile in combination with our environment and lifestyle choices puts us on the path to health and wellness. Based on our unique makeups, we can prioritize our lifestyle decisions that we know will have a positive impact on our health.

We all deserve to know what’s best for each of us as individuals, not for everyone in general.