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A Healthy Life Begins with Healthy Choices

Nutritional Therapy

Many conditions – including cancer, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, acne and eczema, menstrual distress, and migraine headaches – respond very well to changes in diet and food choices. Clients with chronic illnesses see dramatic positive changes in their conditions by following customized dietary plans.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Chronic health complaints such as digestive problems, headaches, joint & muscle pain, and fatigue are all symptoms that can result from immune system’s reaction to foods, additives, or other substances. Mediator Release Testing (MRT) is a patented blood test that quantifies how strongly your immune cells react to the 120 foods and 30 chemicals.

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Genetic Variation Interpretation

Poor diet, environmental toxins, and genetic variants of our DNA cause an increase in cellular stress, lowered antioxidants, and slower rebuilding and repair of cells. The combination of these factors contribute to faster aging and disease.  Genetic testing helps identify variations in your genome that may impact your health.

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Detoxification & Cleanse

Your body stores toxins in fat as a way to protect itself from the detrimental effects of the toxins.  Experience increased energy, improved mental focus, better sleep, body fat loss, and the ability to better cope with stress by clearing toxins and supporting your detoxification system.

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Meal Plans & Recipes

Planning a meal can be easy and the food delicious. I will create balanced meal plans along with easy to follow recipes taking into account your health conditions and goals.  You will have simple recipes and easy meal tricks that correspond with each day’s customized menu.

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Grocery Shopping & Pantry Makeovers

80% of the products on grocery store shelves did not exist 100 years ago. At the grocery store of your choice, I will teach you how to choose foods that fuel your body and help you to understand the confusing and misleading messages on food packaging.

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