What To Expect

The nutritional assessment begins with a 75-minute consultation. Prior to your consultation, you will be asked to complete and return a detailed nutrition and health history which allows for the best use of time during your visit.

During the consultation, I will ask questions, listen, and assess your unique nutritional needs. I will outline a specific nutritional protocol designed to move you toward your health and wellness goals. Your first visit is thorough, and you will leave feeling confident to begin your individualized nutrition program.

Typically, follow up appointments include a detailed review of compliance, understanding, successes, progress, drawbacks and any specific challenges with your nutrition protocol.

Each session involves additional steps to achieve your nutritional and health goals. Slow, steady changes allow for adjustments to be made as your health and wellness improves.

I will:

  • Help you incorporate and maintain lifestyle modifications
  • Educate you
  • Keep you on track
  • Monitor your progress
  • Assist you in realizing your goals
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Phone sessions are available for those clients who are not local or who are unable to travel.

I make myself available for email/phone support* to help you in following the nutritional protocol or when you have specific nutritional questions or concerns.

*A minimum fee of $25 will be charged for phone calls/emails that require a lengthy response, diagnostic evaluation, a request for therapeutic advice or a change to the treatment plan. If your email is asking for a referral or quick clarification on previous recommendations, no fee is applied.

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