R (Glenview, IL): “My daughter had been suffering from a multitude of ailments for over a year. We had been to every type of specialist available and everyone said her tests were normal and she was fine. She continued to have stomach problems, swelling throughout her body, circulation issues and more. We were referred to Marcy to see if perhaps her diet was affecting her in a negative way. After a thorough conversation, Marcy and my daughter came up with a game plan that involved eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar, and certain fruits and vegetables. Marcy helped her find alternative foods to eat and set her up on a course of supplements and recommended a protein drink.

Marcy was there for the emotional support that we both needed. We had lengthy conversations about what to eat, when to eat, what other things could be contributing to my daughters distress. Today my daughter is finally starting to feel better. It has been a very slow process as Marcy said it would be. She was the first health professional to really listen and believe that something was wrong. She helped my daughter believe that she could get better and truly that was worth as much as the information on diet and supplements. I am so grateful that we found Marcy and that she had the knowledge and understanding to help my daughter start to feel good again.”

Susan (Northbrook, IL): “For over 20 years I had been bothered by severe bouts of IBS as well as GERD. I went through every test including measurement of the acids in my upper GI tract, many colonoscopies, upper endoscopies….all to no avail and no definitive diagnosis. I tried many pharmaceutical remedies prescribed by my internist and GI specialist and nothing ever dealt with my problem without causing another problem. Then I consulted with Marcy Kirshenbaum, a holistic nutritionist. Marcy sent me for comprehensive blood work, looked at all my lab reports from my internist and after a complete look at my history, put me on natural supplements and gave me diet advice that has completely changed my life.

I feel better than I have in years, and I now know how to shop and how to cook healthfully. Marcy has even helped me to prepare healthy foods that I didn’t like in a way that makes them tasteful to me. She has wonderful and easy recipes. I know that when my doctors told me that what I eat doesn’t matter they were wrong. What we eat definitely matters and I have Marcy to thank for showing me the way.”

Enhance Nutrition - About Marcy - Testimonials2

David (Northfield, IL): “I approached Marcy to help me with several problems: fatigue, allergies, and severe sinus and systemic inflammation. She designed a plan to target my inflammation using dietary changes and supplements that have succeeded, improving my sinuses, lessening my allergies, and, most importantly, allowing me to sleep better and longer than I have in years. I have more energy and am very happy to say that my quality of life has improved greatly. Thank you, Marcy!”

Enhance Nutrition - About Marcy - Testimonials

Dee (Chicago, IL): “If you are tired of having seemingly unrelated health issues affect your life, then Marcy is the person to see! Her extensive knowledge of the human body, nutrition, and her test interpretation skills are astounding. She will take the guesswork out of which supplements are right for you. Marcy is a problem solver and when one direction might not produce the desired response she has another up her sleeve.

While seeing my internist a few years ago – and being told my symptoms were all in my head – I found another, more enlightened, doctor. After a series of blood tests my new doctor suggested I see Marcy. Marcy solves puzzles. She makes short work of interpreting test results and explains how the different findings relate. She does not believe in doling out supplements for prolonged use and prompts her patients to obtain their nutrients through wise food choices.

Because of Marcy’s recommendations, many of my troubling physical symptoms are now gone and I have faith that the rest will soon follow. I highly recommend her to anyone trying to navigate the supplement maze on their own and seeking informed nutritional advice. Marcy is amazing!”

Laura (Skokie, IL): “Dear Marcy, Thank you! I have not been given this much advice and information – in the past. I had to figure it out myself and was ridiculed by [my other nutritionist]. I enjoy your energy and patience as well as your wisdom and time to help make this transition easier. I appreciate your tips. I am feeling much better about myself and with these new recipes, I feel confident that ‘I Can Do This.’”

Mary P. (Buffalo Grove, IL): “In February, my husband was seriously ill. He had suffered severe digestive difficulties for weeks, and had sunk into a terrible depression, having lost nearly 40 pounds. A visit to a gastroenterologist found nothing which was addressed medically, and the colonoscopy result was good… But the symptoms all continued, and he was miserable. We were both anxious and didn’t know where to turn, so we turned to Marcy. It was a huge plus that she’s very easy to confide in, and my husband felt “heard” and heartened from the get-go. After taking the tests she recommended, he began right away to follow the dietary suggestions. Some improvement began immediately from following Marcy’s advice.

Once the test results were in, and she explained the findings, he began taking the specific supplements. The healing really began then. Just weeks later, he’s free of digestive misery, has regained healthy color and is gaining weight. The depression has totally lifted. We were both also surprised at how much we learned from Marcy about important aspects of health care related to digestion. It would not be possible to exaggerate in expressing our gratitude for the professionalism.”

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