We live in an ever-increasing toxic environment. Detoxification is a natural process your liver continually performs, removing the waste from digestion and metabolism, as well as drug and environmental toxins. However, the abundant level of toxins can exceed your body’s natural ability to eliminate them, and they accumulate in your body’s organs and tissues affecting overall health. An unhealthy diet lacking in proper nutrients only aggravates the problem.

Detoxification benefits include:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Weight loss and loss of body fat used to store accumulated toxins
  • Healthier skin, softer hair
  • Clearer thinking, improved mood, and more restful sleep
  • Development of healthy habits to enhance your lifestyle

Your body stores toxins in fat as a way to protect itself from the detrimental effects of the toxins. Besides cleaning up the foods you put in your body, exercise and sauna allow your body to excrete the toxins through your skin. A far infrared sauna is a great option because it gently heats your tissues several inches deep, which can enhance your natural metabolic processes. It also enhances circulation and helps oxygenate your tissues. Click here to learn more about the benefits of the sauna. To order, contact me for a discounted price.

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