Fee Schedule

Initial Nutritional Consult (75 min): $250
Nutritional Follow-up (45 min): $120
Genetic Nutrition Testing, Personalized Report, Nutrition Session with Review and Actionable Steps: $599
Genetic Nutrition Testing and Personalized Report : $449 (does not include a nutrition session)
Food Sensitivity Tests
  • KBMO FIT: $300 for 132 foods/chemicals, no blood draw fee
    $400 for 176 foods/chemicals, finger prick—no blood draw fee
  • MRT: $400 plus blood draw fee, 170 foods/chemicals
Enhance Nutrition - Fee Schedule
One Week Customized Meal Plan with Recipes: $300
Pantry Make-Over: $200 for the first hour, additional hour $160 (Travel time is added to distances greater than 5 miles)
Grocery Store Trip: $200 for 1 hour (Travel time is added to distances greater than 5 miles)

Many conditions such as cancer, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, acne and eczema, menstrual distress, and migraine headaches to name a few, respond very well to changes in diet and food choices. Clients with chronic illnesses see dramatic changes in their conditions by following customized dietary plans. Insurance Information here.

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