Genetic Variation Interpretation

Genetic testing helps identify variations in your genome that may impact your health. By supplying good nutrition and compensating for genetic variants with targeted nutrients, you can decrease oxidative stress, increase antioxidants, and support the healthy rebuilding of the cells.

Using genetic saliva testing from 23andMe and a genetic variation program to interpret the DNA data, Marcy translates the results into a targeted nutritional approach. Biochemical individuality explains why each person requires personalized nutritional protocols.

Genetic variants change an enzyme’s function by either slowing it down or speeding it up for the creation of products required for metabolism. These variants may modify needs for critical nutrients including specific supplements essential for rebuilding the body.

To learn more about your biochemical uniqueness, order your 23andMe kit ( Once you’re notified that your results are ready, forward the raw data to Marcy and schedule an appointment to understand how your genetics may be impacting your health.

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Fee Schedule

Initial Nutritional Consult (90 min) – $180

Nutritional Follow-up (45 min) – $120

One Week Customized Meal Plan with Recipes – $180

23andMe Data Interpretation – $200

Pantry Make-Over – $150 for the first hour, additional hour $128 (Travel time is added to distances greater than 5 miles)

Grocery Store Trip – $150 for 1 hour (Travel time is added to distances greater than 5 miles)

Many conditions such as cancer, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, acne and eczema, menstrual distress, and migraine headaches to name a few, respond very well to changes in diet and food choices. Clients with chronic illnesses see dramatic changes in their conditions by following customized dietary plans. Insurance Information