804, 2016

Asparagus to Celebrate Spring

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April is an ideal time to also do some spring cleaning in our bodies. The change of seasons brings more daylight and lighter foods to replace the richer, heavier foods of winter. Asparagus is [...]

303, 2016

Enhance Nutrition Featured In Natural Awakenings Magazine

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Natural Awakenings Chicago, a magazine about healthy and sustainable living (mind, body and spirit), featured Marcy as a nutrition expert in its March issue. The feature provides a brief explanation of food sensitivity testing and [...]

2605, 2015

H-2-Oh, It’s So Important!

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Humans can go without food for multiple weeks, but even one day without water can negatively impact health. Water helps nourish cells and tissues by transporting nutrients throughout the body; so just imagine how dehydration [...]

1402, 2015

Chocolate Covered Health Benefits

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That heart shaped box of chocolates really can provide you with some heart health benefits - if that chocolate contains cacao beans. These beans, which are actually the seeds within the cacao pod are [...]

901, 2015

Mmm Mmm Good . . . for You!

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  This bitter cold weather has me yearning for warm foods like homemade soup. My favorite, incredibly easy to make soup base is bone broth, which has an added benefit of being a [...]