Free Informational Workshop: Inflammation & Nutrition - Enhance Nutrition


Since you only have one body, it is crucial that it is fueled properly to run efficiently. Although the damage you may be creating within your body from improper nutrition may not be immediately obvious, illness and disease may become part of your aging process. Think about it this way: putting unleaded fuel in a diesel car’s tank contaminates the fuel delivery system resulting in damage to the engine. 

Conventional wisdom says that weight gain, fatigue and chronic disease are part of the natural aging process. In reality, many of these symptoms are simply the result of your body giving up after consistently defending itself against poor nutrition, stress, and environmental toxins over the course of your lifetime.

In this free 1-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The symptoms of inflammation
  • How chronic inflammation progresses to disease
  • The common inflammatory triggers
  • How to address inflammation with lifestyle and nutrition

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